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19 People Who Gave New Breath to April Fools’ Day

Most people rarely prank their friends and family, but some people take this very seriously. Have you ever thought about putting real fish in an office cooler? Or what if you drew a small spider on a toilet paper roll?

Bright Side wants to prepare you for April Fool’s Day! Maybe you’ll find a good idea for a prank in this compilation.

“Someone’s got jokes...”

“Her face was priceless when we got home from the airport at 2 am and she walked into her room to find this...”

This is enough to make a person hate toilets for the rest of their life.

“Scared some co-workers when I left this creepy doll in the office hallway.”

Someone had a lot of free time...

“New developer starts soon, decided to give him a prank workstation for his first day.”

“My daughter pretending to be a ghost at the hospital. This was probably a poor choice...”

What is this thing?

This is the fairest warning ever!

“A buddy was tired of seeing Americans with Chinese tattoos, so he showed her what it looks like to a Chinese person.”

“This guy at work just eats everyone’s treats. Tomorrow will be a surprise for him.”

The cup set-up in this school — but who will clean it all up?

“This is what we did while the boss was away. We hope nobody gets fired.”

This is really violent.

“I’m going on vacation next week. Just left a little surprise for my colleagues.”

“Totally worth a night on the couch.”

“Just wanted to drink some water and found this.”

“When the CEO is away, the server monkeys will play!”

“My wife is in for quite the spook when she opens our kitchen shades tomorrow.”

So, did you manage to find a good idea for your prank? Tell us which one you’re planning to do on April Fools’ Day!

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