19 People Who Have Too Much Free Time

There are a million ways to use your time productively. And no fewer ways to spend it completely pointlessly.

Bright Side has collected for you a selection of ideas from the true kings and queens of procrastination.

19. While stuck in a traffic jam...

18. My ex on our first date...and when I got to know him better.

17. Animal Cosplay Competition among the zoo staff. Guys, you are animals!

16. Minnesota Human Zoo again

15. When a schoolteacher has too much free time and an unlimited supply of markers:

14. Because cooking is also an art.

13. Abraham Lincoln's face carved on an Oreo. Because the whole world is a canvas for true talent.

12. When Granny asked you to cut wood and you are an artist deep inside:

11. When you have read all the magazines and still need to entertain yourself with something:

10. You're not my father!

9. When there are no other ways left to entertain yourself:

8. A box of potato chips and a bored engineer

7. Mike Tyson in Excel is far more interesting than work.

6. Because just leaving a tip is boring.

5. Ready for battle!

4. Well, first, it's beautiful.

3. This kid's a future civil engineer.

2. Who said it's easy to be bored at work?

1. Another piece of banana art

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