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19 People Who Know Exactly What Being Exhausted Means

Every person has their own limit. If they go beyond it, exhaustion takes over, aggression overflows, and even the most usual activity can end unexpectedly. Every single photo in this compilation tells a story of a person who changed just a little after becoming extremely tired.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected some pictures that show the different kinds of tiredness that sometimes result in unexpected creativity. Stay tuned until the end of the article where you’ll find a fun bonus waiting for you!

1. “Attention! Take a look at my cup of coffee before talking to me.”

2. “I got tired of people at work asking permission to take one.”

3. “My sister’s puppy was so tired, she just fell asleep in her shoe.”

4. “Got tired of telling people which one was sugar and which one was I made a label.”

5. People are starting to get so tired of the snow, they just don’t see it anymore.

6. “Got tired of people opening my box thinking there were donuts inside.”

7. “I’ve never been so tired...”

8. Tired of getting mugged?

9. “To be fair I was very tired, and it was in my sock drawer...”

10. “My dad calmly explained he was tired of people not refilling the roll.”

11. This is one way to protect your private space:

12. When you want your kids to feel loved, but you’re too tired:

13. “I got tired of cleaning up after people at work today.”

14. “My neighbor got fed up. I don’t blame him.”

15. Someone clearly got frustrated...

16. “Almost got my teeth moisturized 24/7.”

17. “Someone at my university got fed up with the wide gaps between the stalls and took matters into their own hands.”

18. “I’m too tired to hold it.”

19. It was a rough morning.

Bonus: “Honey, I’m tired. Let’s do it tomorrow.”

What has happened to you when you were extremely tired? Tell us in the comment section below!

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