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19 People Who Must Have Taken Alternative Parking Lessons

In the past, having a car was a luxury. But today, parking spaces are the new luxury since there are so few of them. This problem makes drivers more and more inventive when it comes to finding a place to park. Here are 20 car owners who park in the most unusual ways.

Bright Side has collected photos that show the consequences of these unusual decisions made my drivers.

1. “My boss went to the store and saw this.”

2. “It was surprising to see this on the way to work.”

3. “At first I thought he took the spot for someone else.”

4. Aladdin showed off his parking skills.

5. Perfect parking job

6. When you took the sign a little too literally:

7. So many parking violations in one photo!

8. Batman has some urgent business to tend to.

9. “Sometimes I think I’d lose my head if I didn’t have a fence around my parking lot.”

10. One way to get out of paying parking tickets

11. Some great examples of professional parking

12. How and why? Any ideas?

13. When you don’t want your parking spot to be taken.

14. Some leftover evidence at the crime scene

15. He broke the rules, scared all the drivers and parked anyway.

16. Not the best parallel parking job

17. This is the last time he’ll take up five parking spaces.

18. How do you think this happened?

19. Obviously, he wanted to get right into the office.

Have you ever seen any situations like these? Share your photos and stories in the comment section below!

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