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19 People Who Shouldn’t Have Gotten Out of Bed That Day

There's a famous novel by Sue Townsend that describes the adventures of a "Woman who went to bed for a year" for us. People in this list should've just skipped this one particular day outside.

We at Bright Side are always happy to find lucky stories to share, but we also have a list of funny misfortunes we can't just keep to ourselves.

Protected from the sun alright...

Watching a French SWAT team when this happened:

I wouldn't wanna even approach that.

Tattoo fail... Keep it in the family.

Drone accident

What did you put in my box, human?'re saying I'm fired?

Not getting stolen today

That designer had a bad day.

My poor Reeses

Some nightmares from Walmart

Questioning my womanhood

No spaghetti and meatballs for me

Second floor hot tub you say...

I blamed it on the tyrannosaurus.

Uncooperative cats = epic maternity picture fail

Looking forward to that cooking class, huh?

But I wanted the Batman one! They're not even the same species!

Dad never fails to rip one during family photos.

Which one of those cracked you up? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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