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19 People Who Surprised Us With Their Ridiculous Choice of Transportation

For the majority of people all over the world, buses, taxis, trains, and cars are the usual means of transportation. But, there are some people who don’t agree with normal, boring transport and use their imagination for a better solution.

Bright Side compiled 19 pictures of people who choose extraordinary ways of traveling.

1. Express delivery. You can rely on us.

2. Just one question, what’s it for?

3. Is everyone comfortable?

4. I prefer Prada for my car brand.

5. There’s always a solution.

6. Are you sure this is safe?

7. Best shopping cart ever!

8. They should make this a sport.

9. Reasonable

10. She doesn’t seem happy about the boat.

11. Glamorous and flashy

12. Can you please help me? Where is Buckingham Palace?

13. Granny, are you having fun?

14. Infinity looks like this...

15. What is so wrong with a normal bicycle?

16. I think the aliens are here already.

17. Logic is our best friend.

18. I will never be the same...

19. This is so confusing.

Which of these means of transportation would you like to try? Or maybe you have your own weird vehicle photos? Share your opinions and pictures with us in the comments!

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