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19 People Who Won’t Forget That Trip to a Café

Even a regular visit to a restaurant can turn out to be a surprise — you may pay for damage instead of your food, or buy a bad piece of advice for 5 cents.

Bright Side decided to show you what other surprises clients saw in cafés and restaurants.

“I ordered an online burger for the first time. There was a slider for ‘extra pickles.’ I set it to the max. This is what I got.”

If you’re in a Georgian restaurant and say that the lamb is a little oversalted, you might get “a few” fruits as compensation.

“A waiter dropped one French fry on the floor and then brought me this.”

This is what they call the bill in this restaurant:

Touching customer care

“My boyfriend was just served a beverage in a fry basket.”

Sometimes the race for serving originality goes too far.

Coffee with revenge

“The waitress serving my table saw that I liked The Powerpuff Girls so she made a Blossom to go with my chocolate cheesecake.”

“Went through the Taco Bell drive-through with a friend of mine. When asked if we wanted sauce, I said, ’As much as you’re allowed to give me.’ I may have made a mistake.”

An interesting way to walk in someone else’s shoes

“A kid asked for a unicorn pancake at the local diner. 10/10 would order again.”

“My buddy ordered risotto. He wasn’t expecting beef ribs.”

The “DIY” trend has reached restaurants too.

The menu they are offering is quite scary.

If your piece of advice turns out to be good, can we give it back?

Old ladies are so used to to the weirdness of the modern world that it has become hard to surprise them with names for coffee.

If there are no straws left in a café, you can use pasta instead.

“Asked the waitress for a glass of ice and some guacamole.”

Have you ever had funny things happen in a restaurant or café? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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