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19 People Whose Ideas Are Beyond Weird

The Internet is full of great ideas. Many people see something and think they can do better even though they have no idea what they’re doing. In the end, this results in some very funny “masterpieces” which are kind of bizarre.

Bright Side has collected some examples of these really weird ideas, which will make you wonder: “why did they even do this?”

A blogger actually sells these wallets

Amber nails

Another manicure idea: grandma-style

A “beautiful” plate

A chair made of jeans

Another way to use old jeans

How did they even get this inside?

Even if you can quilt a photo, it doesn’t mean you should


Spy in a bush

Well, this is unusual

At least she gave it a second life

Giving new life to an old lamp

Another “nice” lamp

Now it looks cool

But why?

Some girls paint on canvas, others — on hammers

Why pay for a haircut when you can do it yourself?

The laziest handmade item

Have you ever seen anything as weird? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit rinvevo/reddit, reciclagemearte
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