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19 People Whose Relationships With Their Neighbors Look More Like a Cheesy Comedy

Noisy neighbors who run into their apartment in the middle of the night or ones who decide to drill into a wall on a Sunday morning increase the risk of stressing out their neighbors by 3 times. The characters of our compilation have involuntarily realized that people sharing a staircase or a neighboring house can leave an eternal trace in your memory. And they don’t even need to make noise for it to happen.

Bright Side is sure that living next to some of these neighbors can actually replace watching a comedy series.

  • The neighbor (age 52) who lives downstairs once knelt on the floor on the staircase and started to squeal, “Jane, you called me a pig yesterday and I need to match your words! Or do you want our neighbors to have doubts that I am an animal?” © Wizard_Severus / twitter

  • This morning, my neighbor dropped over a bunch of printed papers that read MEATBALL IS THE BEST. Turns out my kid has been connecting to their printer via Wi-Fi and hitting print not knowing where they are printing but happily doing it anyway. Meatball is one of our cats. © femmocollective / twitter

  • One fine spring my car broke down. I can’t say it was an expensive car but the repair would cost some money anyway. Before that, I had gotten divorced, bought myself a house and didn’t have money for the repair. The autumn came and I finally decided to go to the shop. But the roads were very icy and slippery and my car had summer tires on. So I decided to take off each wheel one by one. When I was taking off the last tire, I felt a strong kick. Turns out, my neighbor didn’t recognize me in winter clothes and decided I was stealing the wheels. © GIBORYAN / pikabu

  • After I moved out of an apartment, 3 months later my former neighbor started to write to me, claiming I had cursed the house. How else could she explain the huge amount of cobwebs in the corners of her rooms? My answer that she should clean more often left her surprised. © amazingcalf / twitter

  • We urgently needed insulating tape but there was none at home. I checked its name in the Polish language dictionary and asked my kid to ask our neighbors to share some of theirs. The conversation was as follows:
    — Hi, would you share some insulating tape with us, please?
    — Hi, do you need a wide one or a narrow one?
    My son returned to me for clarification and ran back to the neighbors:
    — We need a narrow one.
    — Unfortunately, we don’t have a narrow one.
    — Thanks, bye.
    When he came home I told him, “We can always make a wide one from a narrow one, bring the wide tape, please.” After taking a deep sigh, my son put on his slippers and ran to the neighbors again.
    — Hi!
    — Hi again!
    — Would you share some wide insulating tape, please?
    — Wide one? We don’t have it. © ToniMontano / pikabu

  • The countryside looks like the following:
    Neighbor #1: A high brick fence, a huge German Shepherd wearing a collar with spikes and barking every time you appear closer than 1 mile...
    Neighbor #2: There’s no fence, but rather, a small cat sitting on the porch looking at everything around him disapprovingly. © fellvein / twitter

  • I saw the following scene with my neighbor as the main role: He opened the front door of his apartment with his keys, then knocked gently and asked, “May I come in?” Only after did he enter the apartment. His wife is in her eighth month of pregnancy. © Podslyshano / twitter

  • I don’t want to say that I live in a bad district but our neighbors have again stolen a stick for pushing garbage through the garbage chute. © epic_fair / twitter

  • I have a neighbor who is too shy to say filthy words so when she’s telling some story, she makes pauses and the second neighbor says the necessary filthy words for her. Can you imagine the level of their synchronization? © RZekaSpiewanka / twitter

  • I would like to be kind, funny or good in some other way but my neighbor’s cat crapped on my rug.© PlagueIsComing / twitter

  • My neighbor has been hammer drilling a wall for several hours.
    My mom: “Mike, he is making me angry.”
    Me: “Got it.”
    I went to the room and started to play music at maximum volume.
    Table: trembling from music rumbling
    Mother: “Let’s see how long our neighbor will stand.” © chern_ov / twitter

  • If you call yourself a hopeless homebody after staying at home for 4 days, I would like to remind you that once I didn’t leave my apartment for 6 weeks and my neighbors called the police because they thought I had died. © Wizard_Severus / twitter

  • My neighbors from upstairs after midnight: “Let’s stomp a bit. Let’s slam and shut our doors. Let’s drill. Let our kids scream.” © mARia_isMY_name / twitter

  • My wife has been running a small beauty salon for 10 years and is a nail design master. Once, we moved to the country and when I was standing outside smoking, a neighbor aged 27-28 came up to me and started a conversation:
    — What does your wife do?
    — She runs a small beauty salon.
    — Can she do my nails?
    — Visit her salon, please.
    — No, I don’t want to go to the salon. Let her take everything she needs from work and do my nails at home in the evening. OK?
    — My wife doesn’t work at home.
    The neighbor left silently. Next day she came up to me again:
    — Why didn’t your wife do my nails yesterday?
    — I told you she doesn’t work at home.
    — I don’t understand what the problem is. Is it so difficult to do nails for a neighbor for the sake of building warm relationships? We could become friends.
    — My wife is turning 55 soon and she is a director of a beauty salon. She doesn’t work at home. Do you understand?
    — So is she going to do my nails?
    Visit her salon.
    And the neighbor stopped greeting both me and my wife. © NeXimik / pikabu

What strange acts of your neighbors do you still remember? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit pikabu