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19 People Who’ve Mastered the Art of Self-Irony

Laugh lots and live longer — if this isn’t your motto yet, you’d better change it. Science proves that a good laugh can reduce stress, improve your health, and even relieve physical pain. And those who have an ability to laugh at themselves might actually own the key to a happy and healthy life.

We at Bright Side, try to stay positive in any situation, which is why we want to show you how 19 real masters of self-irony are dealing with their everyday problems.

19. The joys of being single

18. “My friend covered up the tattoo of his ex-wife.”

17. “I don’t know how much I lost because I broke my scale.”

16. Sometimes a good sense of self-irony is exactly what you need.

15. “My mom came into the front room and said, ’I peed on the floor.’ ”

14. “At least I had a happy childhood without the Internet.”

13. What dating after 30 is like:

12. “I’m tired of ordinary boots. Finally, I dared to get jackboots!”

11. “I’ve been watering this plant for 5 months and I’ve just discovered that it’s plastic.”

10. “My new T-shir”

9. A perfect match

8. Where’s the place for sad people, by the way?

7. Really, who sees the difference?

6. “I should probably take a hint and wash my hair.”

5. “My dad ordered fake teeth online to improve his smile.”

4. “I’m the beast, of course.”

3. “This is how I usually spend my vacations.”

2. “My yearbook quote is the only thing I’m proud of.”

1. Those little hairs are working really hard.

Are you able to laugh at yourself? Or maybe your friends are true masters of self-irony. Share your funny stories in the comments below!