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19 People Willingly Sharing Everyday Oddities (and It Might Take You by Surprise)

The deep web is a web not accessible through common search engines and it stores some pretty weird stuff. But you don’t need to go that far to find some pretty peculiar things.

At Bright Side we are not particularly squeamish nor are we easily surprised, but things from the depths of the internet can still take our breath away. Will they take yours?

Seems like my kind of throne

Dollar stores never disappoint

That can’t be good

This cyclops sheep was born in Cáceres 🇪🇸 a couple of days ago.

This guy is definitely not looking for attention.

Trash separation in Michigan

These flowers are urinals.

Strange fashion

Polish hunters are romantic at heart.

The untold story of Babe the piglet

My friend’s Barbie-cued car

What kind of freak show is this?

Don’t mind me, just grabbing a drink.

I walked into my parent’s house today & was greeted by this new water jug.

Makes you drive very carefully around the bumps

What an unforgettable shower that would be!

And they said Big Sexy doesn’t come in a can...

Who says you have to get rid of your stuffed animals?

You decide: Prom invitation or a brush with a serial killer?

Did any of the pictures make your skin crawl? Be sure to share your thoughts on those curiosities in the comment section below!

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