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19 People With Eccentric Hairdos Who Can’t Live a Day Without Attention

Some people’s understanding of a stylish hairdo doesn’t always conform to established beauty standards. An occasional encounter with people like this guarantees plenty of emotions! It’s almost impossible to look without a smile at a guy with a mustache on the back of his head! What do you think about a “chamomile with no petals” hairdo?

Bright Side has gathered 19 really weird hairdos that might creep you out and raise your hair on end! At the end of the article, you’ll see an unbelievable hairstyle designed by a true superhero fan.

1. If you look at this from the top, it looks like a chamomile with no petals.

2. It looks creepy and impressive at the same time.

3. When your hairdresser was inspired by a lava lamp’s shape:

4. When you want to be a blonde and a brunette at the same time:

5. “Do you know Bart Simpson?” Say no more!

6. When you really love strawberries:

7. When you do your own hairdos:

8. Come up with a name for this hairdo and share it with us in the comments.

9. “I want a tiny ponytail.”

10. Well, it’s positively ghastly.

11. He’s got a mustache on the back of his head.

12. When you’re an outrageous artist:

13. A “zebra” hairstyle

14. “This is my school yearbook photo. 10th grade.”

15. When you see something and your hair stands on end:

16. A true brand fan

17. His hair is on fire.

18. This is a “bee’s belly” hairstyle.

19. An oval face, literally...and the ponytail is a bonus.

Bonus: a Spider-Man fan’s hairdo

Have you ever seen people with crazy hairstyles? Share your photos and stories with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit BaconLady2016 / reddit
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