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19 Photographs That Can Trick Your Imagination

Every person has seen things that aren’t real. And this is perfectly normal, especially for people who have a good imagination. Just look at these photos and you will see that even the most ordinary things can change their appearance if you look at them from the right angle.

Bright Side has found 19 pictures of things that can look like something else.


Where did you get these? I drew them!

Great camouflage!

This dog has a great camouflage too.

This is the orchid mantis:

No, this is not modern art. These are chairs on top of each other.

This falling clock that took the wall with it. This was made by Daniel Arsham.

White eggplants can easily be mistaken for chicken eggs.

“My heater looks like a cute little smiling monster.”

“I think this tree is up to something.”

2 roses in one

“When I peel pea pods I like to stack them into a tower.”

“The way the snow melted in my university’s courtyard makes the floor look like a video game.”

These lights on the ground that look like the beginning of a video game quest:

Is this a police car or a taxi?

The slice of bread is not happy about all of this:

How to unsee this?

Cupcakes you can easily mistake for cacti:

“Just missed seeing a vampire this morning.”

Which of the pictures did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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