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19 Photos About True Care That Are Too Touching for Words

There’s probably no one in this world who doesn’t need affection. Sometimes even the most reserved cynics want to know that there’s someone who can support them and help during tough times.

Bright Side isn’t an exception to the rule. We think that today’s photos contain just an incredible amount of tenderness. Take some if you need it!

19. “My dog was extremely tired but just HAD to follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

18. This car’s owner put a hat on its hood ornament because it’s getting colder outside.

17. “My grandpa covering my puppy’s ears when Christmas dinner set off the smoke alarms.”

16. “My sister made a sweater for her pet snake.”

15. Sports are all about support.

14. A fellow cheerleader helping out so a fan could get a shot.

13. Every year, a kind old man offers clothing, shoes, and anything useful to anyone in need.

12. “It was cold so I gave my dog my jacket.”

11. This public restroom ran out of toilet paper. So someone left their tissues instead.

10. When 2 completely different creatures try to let each other know that they’re not alone.

9. “Our dog threw up last night. He kept me company while I cleaned it up.”

8. People leave cans outside so the homeless don’t have to dig through the garbage for them.

7. “I yelled for toilet paper and this is what my wife sent in.”

6. This cat’s owner bought a small bed for his pet. The cat looks so happy.

5. A baseball player delivers nachos to a fan who lost them when the player went into the stands after the ball.

4. “Cow privacy is a serious concern for Google.”

3. “I don’t have a right hand. An Instagram follower I’ve never met, who is missing his left hand, sent me all of his left-handed gloves and a nice card.”

2. “My uncle built little stairs for his little dog.”

1. A boy rocking his sister

Do you take care of your relatives and people around you?

Preview photo credit, Dyrk Daniels/ Facebook
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