19 Photos Proving That Heroes Live Among Us

Sometimes the real heroes are not Superman or Captain America but the ordinary people we see every day.

Bright Side has collected some fun proofs that not all superheroes wear costumes.

Very nice reflexes!

Thank you, stranger.

He's going for the record.

A caring stranger

Very, very risky!

Delivery to the door, no matter what!

Are you also wondering how they did it?

An 80-year-old man made a train to take his dogs on a trip.

This dog is ideal.

A helping hand

He is delivering 47 pizzas simultaneously.

This is a really important warning.

My girlfriend wanted a nice photo. A biker we didn't know wanted the same.

I ordered 10 pieces and didn't ask for additional sauce, but it was added anyway.

Education is vital.

This is a hero every party needs.

A very responsible chef

This guy warns other drivers.

Our teacher brought us a puppy to calm us down before the test.

Bonus: It doesn't matter what's going on around you — a gift is a gift.

And which heroes do you know personally?

Preview photo credit Reuters
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