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19 Photos Proving That Logic and Humor for Men Are Often the Same Thing


You don’t need to be a scientist to prove that men’s humor is a separate kind of art. Men can be ironic, they can laugh at their girlfriends, children, and even pets, but they rarely cross the line and because of this, everyone enjoys their sense of humor.

We at Bright Side have picked the best examples of men’s humor for you, which are equal parts unconventional logic and light irony.

A guy spent a month with a ring, taking pictures of it near his girlfriend, before proposing to her.

And he finally did!

“My professor doesn’t believe in laser pointers, so he uses a fishing pole with a foam finger attached.”

“My girlfriend left a tampon at my apartment and I don’t know where the left one is. Anyone know where I can get a single left tampon to keep a set here for emergencies?”

“My mom was all cute wearing little hanger earrings, minding her own cute business, then my dad comes into the room...”

“So, today at the gym I thought my trainer was flirting with me when he asked for my number and to take a pic of me. Turns out he thinks that I resemble Buzz Lightyear and sent me this.”

“So, I found out you can get custom shower curtains made online. I regret nothing.”

When all you need is just one letter to make a great joke.

“Buddy of mine sent me this with a message that says, “Bro, you need this dog.”

“Gotta do it the right way.”

“I put googly eyes on my cat’s back. He’s a mammoth now.”

“That moment you realize your daughter is the same size as your Storm Troopers...”

“Well. He’s not wrong.”

It’s hard to remain serious when texting.

How men want be treated when their boys aren’t around:

This is the most honest reaction to when the wedding bouquet is thrown during the wedding and anyone’s girlfriend might catch it.

“Asked my boyfriend to wait for me in the car. It took me longer than I expected. This is what happened!”

“So, how many girls live in this apartment?”

“Decided to wear high heels and it’s really tough.”

Which unusual examples of men’s logic, that are easy to confuse with humor, have you seen lately?

Preview photo credit harambevan / Twitter