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19 Photos That Mess Up With Your Mind Until You Take a Closer Look

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you,” people say — and that’s a good piece of advice! You may pass by a group of stones without even realizing there’s something wrong, and then you return and see they’re shaped like a woman. There are things that look simple, but if you look twice, you’ll see a whole different story.

Bright Side has collected 19 tricky illusions that you’ll want to examine closely in order to understand how you could’ve fallen for them. Enjoy!

1. Wait, what? Ah, no...he’s alright.

2. Alternative anatomy in action

3. Alone in the world is a little...doggie-dog!

4. That’s what interactive art is!

5. Even cats aren’t immune to harsh days.

6. How did we miss the Second Coming?!

7. “Psst, man. You’ve gone to the wrong era.”

8. “Well, Frozen’s stone trolls are more beautiful than I had expected...”

9. “Phew, it’s the first time I’m glad to be wrong.”

10. “Make yourself comfortable, Fluffy.”

11. The one and only reverse cat

12. “Hold on, man — dreams do come true!”

13. “I see justice and a little bit of irony...”

14. Good joke, sky.

15. “This gets my sincere applause and ultimate admiration!”

16. “What a weird alley. Wait — you’ve gotta be kidding...”

17. Always be your first priority.

18. Sometimes a beautiful woman is only a mirage.

19. A glitch in the system

What picture was the most hilarious to you? Have you ever come across a situation where you had to look twice to understand what was wrong? We want to hear your story!

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