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19 Photos That Perfectly Illustrate the Passage of Time

If we use something too often, we may not even notice that this object has been completely worn out. And only a comparison with the same brand-new thing makes us realize that it’s time to replace it. Scratching pads for cats are a perfect example of this situation. But even seemingly indestructible objects like stones can’t stay the same over the course of time. And the stairs at Versailles prove that.

Bright Side has paid attention to the old things around us and has proven once again that time is going by too fast.

1. Cobb’s mat has gotten worn off because of his eager tapping. He does it every time he hears a car pulling up.

2. “The big toe on my foot shell has worn down from chasing my daughter on my knee.”

3. These doorknobs were exposed to normal air and to sea wind.

4. “This is an Elmo toy that I found while hiking in Georgia.”

5. This printer was used so heavily that the paper has cut the plastic over time.

6. A favorite 3-year-old cat scratching pad and a new one

7. This corner in a train station in the UK has gotten worn away by years of handbags.

8. “The button on the right sleeve of my uniform has been worn down due to years of it being dragged on a desk while I was using a mouse.”

9. This chain is so old and rusty that it looks like wood.

10. Water wore away the top layer of cement.

11. This door has worn away from 50 years of being hit by a bell.

12. An abandoned apartment building is being claimed by the sea in the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia.

13. The wire has worn into this rock after years of hikers walking over it.

14. “My computer mouse after years of frequent use.”

15. The stairs at Versailles

16. “This is the local place I play ping pong at. They haven’t changed the tables in 20 years.”

17. If you tell my dog: “Go get your gator,” she’ll bring back any one of these:

18. “The men’s bathroom door vs The women’s bathroom door at my engineering university”

19. This is my dog’s favorite spot.

What things make you think about the transience of time?

Preview photo credit TheGrumpyre / Reddit