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19 Photos We Bet No One Can Explain

Pablo Picasso used to say that everything we can imagine is real. But as our article shows, some things that we might never be able to imagine are real too.

We at Bright Side have prepared an article for you that will leave you with a lot of questions after you read it. If you have a rational explanation for any of the things below, please share it with us!

And don’t miss our creative bonus at the end of the article!

1. I almost peed my pants when walking into this gas station bathroom.

2. My dad fixed the washing machine door handle.

3. In what unlikely scenario would this ever be necessary?

4. My favorite part is the board saying something about highway deaths.

5. Jacuzzi at the park

6. This might be an interesting experience.

7. Now I know what eating on the run means.

8. You are what you eat.

9. Man, that’s a terrible lawnmower!

10. I had gone out to see a movie when I saw this in the parking lot.

11. So you’re not concerned about privacy?

12. This vest is for meeting with people you don’t like.

13. When a car beeps as it’s driving past, and you’re not sure if it’s for you but you wave anyway:

14. This has to be a dentist’s car.

15. You’ve got a friend in me.

16. I love that someone needed a reflector vest to check this problem out.

17. Because palm trees don’t grow in Indiana

18. Friends with “coordinating” haircuts

19. This toilet was turned into a water fountain for kids.

Bonus: It’s fake, but still a cool idea. And it’s too bad this doesn’t really exist, it could be a great workout for office workers.

Which photo is unexplainable for you? Have your ever done weird things? Why? Share your comments with us below!

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