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19 Photos You Need to Triple Check Before Believing Your Eyes

Among dozens of exercises to boost your brain function and avoid dementia, there’s music, cooking classes and more. But above all exercises are riddles! And we’re ready to help you train your brain with these awesome, riddle-like pics.

We at Bright Side are eager to share some pictures that left us stumped and confused, sometimes for longer than a minute. Will you be faster at figuring out what’s wrong with them?

Not his hand!

Ever heard about...oh, nevermind.

Trying on a new face

“But mom, 5 more minutes!”

“This monkey is staring at me...”

Thin should have limits, and it does.

The flames on this bonfire look like a unicorn.

“Our hairless cat has a face on her butt.”

“I dare you to figure out how this was taken.”

Find the cat!

Saw this car filling up at a gas station in Illinois and did a double-take. The top tires spin too!

“Scared the heck out of me when he moved...”

Is this an animal or not?

Haven’t you ever seen a ship resting?

Your friendly neighborhood ghost

It’s magic!

He got so frustrated, his hand enlarged.

Behold, the spider-woman!

This hedgehog barks.

Which one of these pictures played the biggest trick on your brain and eyes? Be sure to share your thoughts and pictures in the comment section below!

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