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19 Proofs You Shouldn’t Trust Perfect Social Network Photos

Some people will go to any lengths to impress others. They use social networks to demonstrate their “beautiful lives“ to the rest of the world, and sometimes it ends up being incredibly hilarious.

Bright Side gathered several honest pictures of how all these ”perfect" photos are really made.

"The best emotions are when you’re at the stadium."

"Just got new Gucci sliders."

"Chillin’ with my bae."

"My new beauty!"

"New job at a serious company."

"Played some golf with the gentlemen..."

"It takes training."

"Marveling at the pier."

"Left a generous tip for the waiter."

"Love it when bae cooks for me!"

"Went to Europe for a well-deserved rest."

"Bae caught me sleeping."

"I like to have some cash handy."

"Did some serious renovations in the kitchen."

"An unforgettable feeling."

"Went in my own car."

"Cleaned the room. Enjoying the day."

"Just us."

Preview photo credit Jaye‏/twitter, jmcg1995/instagram
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