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19 Restaurant Sign Boards That Can Make You Hungry for More

When it comes to advertising, it can make or break you. That’s why it’s so important for restaurants, bars, and cafes to be creative in order to catch the attention of their potential customers. Before our taste buds get the chance to make a decision, we actually “eat with our eyes” first, in the words of Healthy Professor. Clever signboards in front of food and dining establishments are fun for those who make them, those who see them, and those who see photos of them online.

We at Bright Side decided to share some photos of quirky and funny signboards.

1. Guess that’s one way of looking at it...

2. Those who eat together, stick together.

3. An honest confession

4. This is a very good deal:

5. This is smart:

6. What’s true is true!

7. A very deep thought

8. Some organic cooking happening right here:

9. Your relation with food is above all other relations.

10. And you better believe it!

11. We all have a bit of Dory in us...

12. No kidding, yeah?

13. Nailed it!

14. Thank goodness! Now we can eat peacefully here.

15. Who said no to bacon?

16. It is insane, isn’t it?

17. Choose wisely!

18. Both can benefit!

19. So that no one is sad on Valentine’s Day!

Have you ever come across a witty advertisement for a restaurant or a bar? Share your photos and stories with us in the comments section below!

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