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19 Selfies Where Something Went Hilariously Wrong

In the past few years, selfies have become ever so popular, taking the internet by storm, showing people’s own creative self-portraits. Sometimes, though, things don’t go as you expected and the results can be hilarious.

We at Bright Side have compiled some selfies that probably didn’t work out as planned and they’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before...

1. Wow, looks legit.

2. “Strike a pose, babe. I’m just going to get on your shoulders...oh, wait. This will do.”

3. “But you can’t see my full outfit if I stand right in front of the mirror. If only there was something... ahhhh, perfect!”

4. This dude is having too much fun trying to find the perfect angle for his new profile picture.

5. “Like my picture and you’ll get a free chicken wing. Promise.”

6. “Morning stretches? Clean teeth? Multitasking? Been there, done that.”

7. It’s hard getting up in the morning.

8. “I’m looking for Nemo.”

9. Selfie-ception

10. Sssssssselfies with the bessssssstie

11. Trapped in an elevator? Better take a selfie!

12. “Help the kid or get the perfect photo op? Decisions, decisions.”

13. “I may be dead in a few seconds. I shall take my selfie now.”

14. When you see it, you’ll be freaked out.

15. “What’s Photoshop? I’ve always been bending doors.”

16. Definitely do this if you’re trying to impress a girl.

17. Mirror selfie... in more ways than one.

18. “Bae caught me sleeping”... or maybe not.

19. “My friend got his tux in and sent me a pic. I had to bring it to his attention what was going on in the background.”

Which selfie was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and post the funniest selfie fails you’ve seen too!

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