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19 Sights That Definitely Seem a Little Off

Our brains and our vision are highly advanced but not perfect, letting us see things that may not really be there and miss some other important things. The photos in the list below can be so confusing that you'll have to look at them twice to fully understand what exactly is going on.

Here at Bright Side, we hope that you can find the explanations for the images on this list. Look through the pictures up until the end to discover an artist who is able to play with our minds by turning a painting into a real object!

1. Glass sharpened by the sea looks like candy.

2. This cat looks like a Dr. Seuss character.

"My mom put up an Easter decal on our front door..."

3. Is it a window or a painting?

4. This collection of radiators looks like a metropolis.

5. A see-through coin

A balanced coin on a ring makes it look see-through.

6. The camera removed part of the glass.

7. The infamous giant Spanish seagulls

8. A tiny man's arm and a giant baby's hand

9. This chair is broken, isn't it?

10. Rocking eggs

"I collect rocks that look like eggs."

11. The old-fashioned way to deliver babies

12. Is it a van or a sports car?

13. This dog found a portal.

14. The art of mimicry

15. Is it a shadow or another cat?

16. A dog's head hanging in the air

17. Two buildings on top of each other

18. A painting with a cat

19. Real fish or a painting?

Young-Sung Kim is a Korean-born artist that produces such hyperrealistic paintings that it is difficult to tell what's a real object and what's a painting. He focuses on painting the lives of small creatures like snails, frogs, and goldfish.

Which image was the most confusing to you? Do you have some strange pictures of your own? Share your impressions and photos in the comments.

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