19 Strange Things That Really Exist

The internet plays a tremendous role in people's lives. Thanks to it, we know a lot about unusual things, events, and people. Still, sometimes we come across really strange things that it's hard to believe in.

Bright Side collected almost 2 dozen pictures that made thousands of people rack their brains until they figured out what they were looking at. If you are good at detective puzzles, try to understand what's depicted in the photos without looking at their descriptions!

19. "Found in China: edible, sweet, honeycomb-like object."

This is what the honey of wild bees looks like. Some people call it stone honey. Under the influence of natural factors, nectar crystallizes rapidly and turns into a solid substance. Some people consider it a separate type of honey, rare and valuable among gourmets.

18. This was found in an old jar of juice.

This homemade juice was fermented, and it turned into vinegar. Mycoderma aceti, also known as "mother of vinegar," was formed inside. Despite its appearance, it is absolutely harmless. It can be used for the further production of vinegar.

17. What is this? And what does a lady with a naked butt have to do with it?

That is a holder for the silk napkins that noble people used to replace toilet paper. That's why a naked butt is depicted on the other side — it shows the way the napkins should be used.

16. "Found in a Japanese stationery set."

These are protective caps for pencils to keep the lead intact. They help to keep pencils perfectly sharpened.

15. A friend of mine caught this fish in India. What's wrong with it?

It seems this guy has some health problems, possibly parasites. In fact, this is its usual form. It is a Garra fish — a fish from the Cyprinidae family that was discovered recently.

14. Beauty tool in my girlfriend's makeup collection —what's it for?

That's not a tool for torture but a simple derma roller. It is used to increase the elasticity of the skin, reduce pores, and get rid of traces of acne.

13. A strange road sign

The first such signs were installed near cotton factories. Due to severe working conditions, workers faced a complicated lung disease. Forced to sleep in a sitting position, they often had naps on the terraces during the day. These signs by the road warned drivers to be quiet. Now they are installed next to houses where people who need peace and quiet live — next to hospices, for example.

12. "Found it washed up on the Pacific Northwest shore. Opaque white flesh with an orange nervous system and what looks like black eggs."

This strange alien is actually a nudibranch mollusk. Instead of a shell, he walks with an indecent hood on his head and eats jellyfish, crustaceans, and sponges. The black eggs on the inside are his lunch. By the way, one of his relatives looks like a rabbit.

11. I entered the toilet and saw this.

Not all men will understand, but many men will approve of it. This is a cushion over the urinal, and you can rest your forehead on it while using the facilities.

10. My friend inherited this item from her mom. What is it for?

Such a device was once used as a vegetable cutter. It allows you to quickly chop vegetables or nuts manually.

9. "Hard shell with a single barb on one end. Several washed up on the beach. And it doesn't look like a seashell."

If you have a parrot, you have probably bought this item for your pet as a source of calcium. It is a cuttlebone.

It was once used for producing tooth powder, but today it is used mostly by jewelers because this bone has a very high melting temperature, and it is easy to give it the desired casting form and pour gold into it afterward.

8. What is this monster from an MRI device?

It's not a frog or a clown or even an elk. This is what the brain of a one-year-old sea lion looks like.

7. A strange design for a helmet. Who needed it?

That's the helmet of a WWI flamethrower. It was the German army that first used the flamethrower as a weapon in 1912–1915.

6. A new type of rain in the shape of blue jellies?

This is what 60-year-old Steve Hornsby saw when he was walking in a hailstorm. Transparent, jelly-like, and marble-sized objects started to fall from the sky. However, scientists say that these phenomena are called "marine invertebrate eggs" and were brought to our hero's house on birds' feet.

5. What is this liquid that appears outside our town in spring?

Nothing supernatural, just one of the types of fungus that resemble jelly in appearance. It prefers to "eat" rotten leaves and trees.

4. "Found these metal detecting. One has a 1914 date. What are they?"

No spy bugs with wiretapping. Just a piece of a lid with a spout-dispenser for a jar of salt.

3. "My grandfather had these and was told they were old contact lenses, but I'm skeptical."

Despite the impressive explanation, the answer is more obvious. These are ocular prostheses that are identical to human eyes. And, yes, they are not ball-like as we are shown in movies.

2. "This key my friend found cleaning his grandparents' house — what would it open?"

This is a roach clip for pot smokers. It is sold in special tobacco stores. Today it is used to smoke marijuana.

1. "What is this thing seen in the Museum of Natural Sciences? It didn't have any tag."

It is a Jenny Haniver — a figure made of dried bones of rays or skates. Some time ago, sailors from Antwerp used to entertain themselves by giving out these created figures and saying they were sea demons. Some scientists even tried to solve the mystery through careful studies.

Have you ever faced any strange and unexplainable objects? Please share your stories in the comments!

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