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19 Times Companies Put People’s Comfort First

As a rule, companies go out of their way to increase the comfort level of their customers as to make them loyal to their business. But there are many examples in daily life when people are treated with the same sincere and selfless care.

Internet users, like us at Bright Side, highly appreciate this warm attitude toward other people. And we don’t want to miss the opportunity to tell the world about such wonderful behavior.

1. Uno released a version of the game for the blind.

2. This miniature church allows blind people to experience the shape of the building.

3. Special chain plugs were installed on a playground so that children’s fingers wouldn’t get pinched.

4. These public restrooms have a door opener so you don’t have to touch the handle when leaving.

5. You can refill your water bottle after a security check at Heathrow airport.

6. This elevator has foot buttons to press when your hands are full.

7. “My new carving knife came with 3 bandages.”

8. This tuna lunch comes with a mint to get rid of bad breath.

9. An airport lounge has instructions to make a paper plane.

10. The T-shirt size is mentioned on the hanger itself. There’s no need to check every t-shirt to find the correct size.

11. “The ice cubes in my iced coffee”

12. Bollywood movies are usually very long which is why Indian cinemas usually take breaks and show a timer on the screen for when the movie will continue.

13. This terminal in Amsterdam has a free arcade to help you kill time.

14. This Japanese restaurant has a table for those who want to spend time on their own.

15. A local grocery store put up a table with free ice water during hot weather.

16. This retirement home has a fake bus stop to keep residents with dementia from wandering off.

17. This hotel’s handicap accessible rooms have a second, lower peephole.

18. An airport employee ran down the boarding tunnel with a Starbucks order for the 3 passengers that didn’t have time to pick some up before the gate closed.

19. The dangerous section of this road was equipped with lighting built directly into the road.

These signal lights turn on under the influence of kinetic energy, which is produced by cars moving along the road. The light in the picture above is flashing because there’s not enough energy. But when there are a lot of cars passing through this section, the signal lights are constantly on.

Have you ever encountered examples of such service?

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