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19 Times People Absolutely Won the Food Lottery

Luck is a thing you'll be lucky (ha ha) to experience once in a lifetime, but when it hits, it's unforgettable.

Bright Side found some guys that luck smiled upon a little bit. Seems a small thing, but how much joy it brings!

19. Banana twins

18. A monster fry

17. When you hit a lucky streak

16. For true connoisseurs

15. The perfect watermelon

14. It's a spring fry!

13. Double surprise, and a good one

12. A pregnant tangerine

11. An extra couple of cookies never hurts

10. When a strawberry is just about the right size

9. This is how many nuts there should be

8. A jumbo blackberry

7. They guessed you were really hungry

6. When good fortune is your middle name

5. I'd go and buy a lottery ticket after this one

4. Kiwi Siamese triplets

3. Pure taste and nothing wasted

2. Who needs waffles, anyway?

1. The king of sour candy

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