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19 Times People Proved Hard Work Always Pays Off

Losing almost half your body weight, getting in shape after heart surgery, renewing your vows after 10 years of marriage and several miscarriages. These are the parts of our lives when we are rewarded at the end after going through difficulties.

We at Bright Side support all the people who have gone through hard times and would like to remind you that you always get good things in return if you don’t give up.

1. “Today I got my wedding dress out to take pictures before I donate it. What a wonderful reminder of how far I’ve come!”

2. “Today I got new prosthetics! These will allow me to do activities I did before, like playing floorball and hiking!”

3. “These pictures were taken at the same restaurant, but about 2 years apart.”

4. “I beat heart surgery!”

5. “Looking at old photos of myself never fails to amaze me. I’ve come a long way. Never give up!”

6. “My most intense build yet. It was very worth it to watch my nephew’s face light up!”

7. “I wanted to write a Young Adult book about bullying. My cashier job wouldn’t let me use a notebook, so I started writing it on receipts. This year, I finally published my novel.”

8. “I had to post because I finally reached my first goal, my pre-pregnancy weight!”

9. “Half bath remodel.”

10. “I almost died in March, graduated in May, then later in May got married, and then went to Thailand. She’s been there with me through it all! I love my wife!”

11. “2020 is keeping a big part of me with it!”

12. A year apart

13. “Before I had no idea what to do with my hair to after kinda figuring it out”

14. “An archway a coworker and I trimmed out recently.”

15. “Our sweet Toby was found in a ditch and couldn’t use his back legs. Now he’s the king of the road on 2 wheels.”

16. “After 11 years of marriage and 5 miscarriages, my parents renewed their vows.”

17. “I graduated!”

18. “10 months and 175 lbs”

19. “My dog Bug at her chonkiest days, versus yesterday.”

What was your biggest achievement in 2020? Do you have pics of this event? Please, share it with us!

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