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19 Times People Told Blatant Lies and Failed Miserably

There are many times when we try to fool others, but we are actually fooling ourselves too. But who cares when it's all harmless fun?

At Bright Side, we created a gallery of some of the most intelligent memes ever experimented. This will prove to be a good dose of laughter for sure.

19. Should we call it an imaginary guitar?

18. No one told me I would go bald as well!

17. Thank goodness I paid attention during my physics lectures!

16. Size does matter.

15. This kid is smart, but he could be a bit smarter!

14. So what if you can't afford a MacBook?!

13. Is this limited edition?

12. Yeah, right!

11. The guy must have attended DIY classes.

10. Surely he isn't as dangerous as people say!

9. These are anti-theft drinks.

8. Where ISN'T the hair?

7. This is epic!

6. I too never sleep in class.

5. Big confusion!

4. Does it belong to "you know who"?

3. Well, that's a branded donkey indeed!

2. This could get you on a list of Photoshop fails for sure.

1. Too good to be true.

We do what makes us happy and what satisfies us. In the process, we might show off too. Would you think of trying any of the above? Tell us which one you thought was the funniest.

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