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19 Times Signs Failed So Bad, They’re Hilarious

The first stop sign was installed more than 100 years ago in Michigan, but from there the informative component within this written art form began... its decline.

We at Bright Side love a good sign, whether it’s impressive or funny. And which one in this collection will be your favorite?

You sure you want to announce that?

Broke my brain

Honesty is the best policy.

This just got real.

Sign at a local music store

This is a sign I can get behind.

The reminder

This is how you earn business:

Presenting Exhibit A

Dibs on yelling?

Can you get Mr. Allen to the phone?

A local cleaners is attentive.

Please stop.

Important sign seen at the San Francisco Pride Parade

One way to deal

Not worth the risk

Weather forecast

If you need us to tell you, we will.

This sign got misplaced.

Which one of these did you find the most “chuckle-worthy?” Be sure to share your commentary and thoughts in the comment section below!

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