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19 Totally Dramatic Photos Where Everything Went Wrong

Sometimes, it seems like life is only a game and all the actions we take are controlled by someone else. The most important thing to do in this situation is to stay calm, keep a clear mind, and be ready to laugh. Even if you feel like the world is turning its back on you and like reality looks more like The Truman Show.

Bright Side is genuinely compassionate with the people from this compilation and we wanted to tell you about them.

What do you know about forgotten things?

My 4-year-old niece can’t read and bought me this birthday card because it had “a cute dog with a party hat.”

“Threw my swatter at a fly. Don’t ask questions because I don’t have answers.”

The healthy lifestyle ended just after it started.

“I needed a 7.5, and this was the only box left.”

“My blueberries spilled all over the self checkout while I was scanning them.”

From bad to worse... And he just wanted to eat a pizza.

“I picked my dog up from the groomer and busted out laughing. The groomer apparently didn’t understand my request very well and gave him this monstrosity of a haircut.”

“Dropped my phone in industrial paint today...”

“I got up early because of construction noises. A couple of minutes later...”

“I went to give an important presentation and this happened...”

“Just took a nice big bite out of this apple that’s rotting from the inside out.”

When the universe is telling you it’s time to stop drinking:

“I feel bad for the suitcase owner.”

“I held onto this toy for over 20 years and my daughter broke it the day I gave it to her.”

“After 7 hours of straight editing... Kill me.”

“Just trying to paddle board, but the dolphin mafia arrived.”

“The day after my wedding and I get appendicitis. At least we can still make the honeymoon.”

When reality is too different from your expectations:

Do you believe that the situations these people had to go through are given to us to shake us and make us think about things? Or is it just bad luck that keeps us in check and makes sure our lives are not perfect?

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