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19 Touching Stories That Prove Kindness Will Save This World

There are so many bad things in our world that we really need people who can do good stuff and make our lives better.

Bright Side offers you the chance to draw inspiration from these good stories. It’s time to make a change, are you ready?

A girl invited a lonely old man on a “date.”

A supermarket assistant noticed that widower Edwin Holmes always visited their store completely alone. Ellie invited him for dinner when she found out he would be alone for Christmas.

Edwin put on his best suit and came to the restaurant with a heap of flowers. He said he was as nervous as a schoolboy. Now, the friends regularly meet to drink coffee together.

Her students gave her 2 kittens when they found out her pet had passed away.

A teacher from Texas was having a hard time getting over the loss of her cat named Blondie. She cried during every break. Her students could not ignore this and decided to turn her grief into happiness.

They presented her with a bouquet of beautiful roses and 2 kittens. The lady couldn’t believe her eyes!

A boy gets food for the homework he does.

A bakery owner noticed a boy who asked her employees for food every day. She decided to talk to him because he was supposed to be at school at the time he was at her shop. As it turned out, his family had just moved to this town and their money was so tight they didn’t even have enough for food. That’s why he was forced to look for food instead of go to school.

Then, the owner promised to help the family if the boy returned to school and did his homework. She gives him bread and lets his family eat at her bakery once a day.

A cat brought back this 94-year-old man’s interest in life.

Photographer Akiko Du Pont had been taking photos of her grandfather for her entire life. But after he became ill, he stopped enjoying life, and became sad and irritable. Everything changed when he got a cat.

Now, the girl takes photos of them together. They read newspapers, play chess, and take care of each other. If there is something wrong with your life, maybe you just need to get a cat?

Ryan Gosling shared a cute story in an Esquire interview.

My mother has been to the Oscar ceremony only once. That year, she decided that hair buns were really trendy. But on the red carpet, everyone had their hair down. In the theater, we were seated behind Rachel Weisz and she kept jumping up to see the stage and my mom just wanted to disappear.

I didn’t know what to do but I didn’t want her to be sad. I asked Meryl Streep, “Could you please tell my mom that you like her hair?” During the commercial break, she told her, “You know, I also wanted a bun. I wish I had done it.” My mother was so proud.

A passer-by secretly photographed this man with a dog and an empty stroller and later his story moved a lot of people.

The dog’s name is Maximilian, he is 16 years old. He’s lived with Troy and Edie all these years. Since childhood, he’s had serious health issues but the couple always took care of him.

When Max got old, Troy and Edie tried to make sure the dog still felt their love and they kept walking with him in the park and playing even though the dog couldn’t move. They said that would never give up on Max no matter how old and sick he was.

Marvel Comics invented a totally new superhero to talk a small boy into getting hearing aid.

A little boy named Anthony Smith has had to wear a hearing aid since the age of 4. He really disliked it because he felt different from other children. In 2012, he refused to use it because he said that “superheroes don’t have blue ears.”

Then, his mother sent an e-mail to Marvel Comics asking them for help and they created a deaf superhero whose name was Blue Ear. As you can see in the photo, the body changed his mind.

People saved a cat from freezing temperatures.

People saved a cat that was freezing outside. And it turned out that she was pregnant and soon had 6 beautiful kittens.

David Deutchman has a special job — he is a fairy godfather.

82-year-old David Deutchman has been a volunteer at the hospital for 12 years. He helps children sleep, holds them, and supports premature babies and their parents.

On Tuesdays, David visits the intensive care unit to hold the babies whose parents can’t be with them. On Thursdays, he works in the wards helping families go through this difficult time.

Soldiers take care of turtles.

Every year, the Colombian Navy saves turtles by helping them get to the ocean. This job is not really their responsibility, but they still do it with pleasure.

People collected money and built a new house for an old man.


In this house in 2006 his wife passed away, since then 71-year-old Ion Negrila refuses to leave even though it’s really old and dilapidated. Some young men found out about this and decided to help. They asked people online to collect money and managed to raise €1,000.

They guys decided to build a new house in the same spot because the man didn’t want to move. They were not rich but they knew how to use the money right. Here is what they did.


A boy paid for a police officer’s lunch.

He did this because he wanted to become a policeman one day too. He thanked the policeman for the job he does.

Hollywood stars participated in an event connected with Hurricane Irma.

Hollywood stars decided to collect money for the people who were suffering as a result of the hurricane. Many of them were on the hotline trying to calm down and cheer up the worried people.

The actor who is the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh calls sick children and speaks to them in his voice.

His name is Jim Cummings and, in cooperation with Make-A-Wish, he calls children who are at the hospital and speaks in Winnie-the-Pooh’s voice to make them laugh and help them feel better.

One child who he talked to had autism. He was really reserved and shy but he was so excited about talking to Winnie-the-Pooh that he started asking him questions.

A teacher from Iran takes care of his sick student.

In the picture you can see a boy from Iran who has cancer and his teacher who visits him every day to teach him the things he missed at school. For this teacher, his job is everything.

A child brought a small “worm” home.

That was how this unusual story started. In the beginning, they even wanted to take him back outside but decided to keep him. Look at how beautiful he is now.

There is a new cat superhero in Anapa.

He saved 6 puppies from cold and hunger. He not only caught mice for them, but also kept them warm and clean. This cat is a hero for acting as their mother.

A millionaire takes care of the entire neighborhood.

In 1994, millionaire Harris Rosen got a phone call from Orange County. The caller told the man about how difficult life in Tangelo Park was. The city was full of drugs. The inhabitants had lost all hope at having a good life.

This was how Harris connected his life with Tangelo Park. He invested over $4 million into professional education for adults, education systems for preschoolers, and organized scholarships. The percentage of children who finish school has grown from 25% to 100% and the crime level has dropped by double.

Pibe was adopted by a family.

This poor puppy was in a flood and got lost. Fortunately, he was rescued and taken home by a family. They only planned to take him for a short time before they found new owners but Pibe was so docile and affectionate that they decided to keep him forever.

Have you ever seen such unexpected good things happen? Tell us in the comment section below.

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