19 Unbelievable Pics About Life With a Roommate

Summer is a time of parting with a roommate to spend your vacation at home or on a trip. But then you return to your regular life, studies, or work.

Bright Side wants to remind you of what life with a roommate is all about. Check out the most wonderful jokers who surely have a lot of pranks planned for the upcoming year!

19. Shop alarms have been going off on me for the last 6 months. Then I found this in my wallet.

18. I decided to defrost the freezer and saw this.

17. My roommate has been away for a week. Now he has the cutest PC in the world.

16. The good old cling wrap prank will never stop being hilarious.

15. When I lost my keys, my roommate kindly made me new ones.

14. When you try to justify spending too much money while shopping.

13. When you don't want your roommate to feel lonely while you are away.

12. Well, it's even more awesome this way.

11. When you complain about a lack of male attention in your life.

10. Sometimes your roommate seems like he's not himself and just wants to be blue for a while.

9. Here is a method to fight your fears.

8. My roommate is waiting for his girlfriend. I decided to set his room in order.

7. When they miss you but don't want you to go either.

6. This was waiting for me in the laundry room. I don't go there alone anymore.

5. When you don't want your roommate to know that you often steal his gummy bears.

4. This guy was waiting for me in the bathroom. I have never screamed for so long.

3. Sometimes you try to take revenge, and you are evil to the core.

2. Wait...1,350 cups of water! I think my roommate has won the fight this time.

1. When your roommate works at the cinema, and you are awfully afraid of sharks, your bathtub looks like this:

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