19 Unexpected Things That People Caught on Camera

Our world is full of curiosities. There are so many different things we haven’t seen and maybe never will!

Bright Side created a selection of awesome moments and things that people caught on camera.

Different flame colors

A microwaved soap that looks like bread

This cup from the 1800s has a ceramic barrier to prevent a man’s mustache from getting wet.

What are the odds of this accident?

It’s only the “skeleton” and seeds left from a rotten tomato.

This is what happens if you put a book into liquid nitrogen.

A Korean crow-tit.

This tree really looks like a huge broccoli.

This is what we call being lucky.

“This plant is preventing itself from blooming.”

A pizza with a pizza topping.

“A tree after a fire hydrant burst in sub-zero temperatures.”

An avocado with a tiny seed.

For the donut addict.

A half shorn sheep.

“Each bottle is the same whiskey matured in the cask for one year more than the last.”

A Christmas tree made of pelicans.

A man was mowing the lawn and found this pink grasshopper.

“One of the props that were used for the close-ups in The Lord of the Rings movies.”

“Found this tiny carpet-looking mousepad at my school.”

“These glasses make lights appear to shine like gingerbread men.”

Have you ever seen something as unusual as any of the above moments and things? Tell us your stories and share your photos with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit theslainman/imgur, imgur
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