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20+ Absurd Inventions That Bewildered the Whole World

We often find ourselves surfing the web looking for things that we want to waste money on, even if we don’t really need them. Sometimes we’ll find products that will make our lives a tad bit easier while other times...well, let’s just say that people are strange and they come up with even stranger inventions. But we love them just the same!

Bright Side has discovered 25 things that you most definitely didn’t know you needed until right now!

1. A belt to honk at slow walkers!

2. When you’re an emotional person and need to wipe away tears immediately:

3. When you’re a hooligan, but hygiene comes first:

4. For all the ladies who want to swim in style

5. If you’re hungry, all you have to do is pick up some tomato, ham, and cheese and you’re good to go!

6. Pizza lovers will definitely appreciate this one!

7. Who doesn’t need a clip-on man bun, right?

8. Airpod chopsticks so you’re always ready to chow down

9. Not sure if this is weird or actually genius...

10. We can’t discriminate against a cyclops.

11. The perfect chainsaw

12. The pre-cracked egg business must be booming!

13. Yes, you’re seeing this right — these are croc gloves.

14. How to have a picnic anywhere:

15. He does look like he’s going fast, but still, don’t try this at home.

16. For the extra lazy people out there!

17. Noodles are too hot? Say no more!

18. Don’t buy this as a gift for anyone, trust us.

19. Just...why?

20. When your fish wants to go on a walk:

21. When football season is back and you’ve prepared yourself in a sporty manner:

22. For the ladies who like to be in shape, but also enjoy wine:

23. Admit it — it does look nice, doesn’t it?

24. Never leave footsteps or make a sound again!

Bonus: When you need a kick in the butt to stop procrastinating and you take it literally:

Which invention was your favorite? And most importantly, would you use any of these gadgets? Please make sure to share your answers with us!

Illustrated by Leisan Gabidullina for Bright Side
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