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20+ Absurd Photos Showing How Crazy the Subway Is

The average person spends around 38 minutes commuting to their workplace every day. That’s up to 300 hours per year just to get to and from work. With so much time spent in a public place, it’s not surprising that things get a little crazy sometimes.

At Bright Side we believe that subway commuters truly have the upper hand when it comes to daily live entertainment. Don’t believe us? Well, maybe these goofy subway sightings will change your mind.

1. Nothing could prepare us for this absolute tragedy.

2. Nothing to see here. Business as usual, gentlemen.

3. Off to the rap battle.

4. When you can’t waste precious gaming time on your commute to work:

5. Demotivating subway advertisement

6. This subway car in Seoul has a cool mini-library.

7. These awesome athletic themed subway cars in Taiwan make us want to take a swim.

8. We don’t think we’ll be taking the seat next to this person.

9. This picture makes us hopeful about the future of books.

10. Since the NYC Subway banned dogs unless they fit in carriers, large breed owners have become more creative.

11. Boot pants and an upside-down paper. What on earth?

12. Bold kitchen fashion statement from a passenger.

13. A less than subtle way of letting people know you’re single.

14. Mexican fans at the FIFA World Cup in Moscow

15. Before the carrier rule, this dog proved that good boys could ride the subway too.

16. When you really need a seat no matter what.

17. “A Swedish television channel decided to protect the identity of a seagull that was saved from the subway.”

18. What better place to enjoy a book and your morning cup of coffee?

19. Next time you’re walking by subway buskers, make sure you’re not actually missing out on a chance to meet a pop star!

20. A good place to have a meal with friends.

21. We wish all our sleepy morning rides could be brightened up with kittens.

22. Well, now we have to take the stairs.

23. Some people just aren’t as tech-savvy as others.

24. Why does this look so comfortable?

25. Invisible men have to get to work too.

26. You don’t need your own car to ride like a boss.

27. Even if we had a car we’d probably miss the daily chaos of subway life way too much.

What did you think of these funny subway occurrences? Have you ever come across anything similar? Let us know in the comments below.

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