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20 Absurd Photos That Can Leave Anyone Stupefied

This world is undoubtedly crazy and there are some things and situations that confuse us, make us feel like we’re insane, and make us laugh out loud. And here is some proof.

Bright Side gathered 20 pictures that you’d like to forget in the same way we want to forget the most horrible and craziest dreams.

20. When you wanna be fancy even in the supermarket:

19. That awkward moment

18. When you love cars and fashion:

17. Just a knitted baby

16. When someone adores jeans:

15. We missed the new trend.

14. How do you like this spinner phone?

13. Very interesting marketing trick

12. We have 2 questions: “How?” and “Why?”

11. Extremely bold

10. Fairy tales do come true.

9. Midlife crisis

8. Trust no one.

7. “Why buy a sunglass case when you could use literal garbage?”

6. Carl, Marge, and Gerald. Something went wrong.

5. Searching for the best shape

4. “The Avocardo”

3. Why are those zippers there?

2. It’s impossible to look at.

1. Insane life hack

And which photo do you wish you had never seen?

Preview photo credit imgur/ Malvorlagen
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