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20 Absurd Shots We Have a Hard Time Processing

We all have a lot of crazy stories to tell. But sometimes you see strange situations and you can’t even try to explain what’s going on. Like a fox standing in line for an ATM, a guy wearing a suit made of bread, or a huge cactus that breaches a wall.

Bright Side gathered 20 of the craziest shots and is inviting you to come up with an explanation because we sincerely can’t come up with any of our own!

20. Is it a mannequin? Well, let’s guess...

19. “I need to withdraw my FoxCoin.”

18. “Hey, lady! Go faster!”

17. “Human bro, are you ok?”

16. A true country-style photo

15. Such dedication to nature!

14. Omg, who is this? Is he alive?

13. So many questions in our heads about this photo...

12. This is as romantic as it gets, folks.

11. Poor guy! How did he step into it?

10. Does he think it’s a real tiger?

9. Oh dear, deer.

8. Eco hot tub

7. The more you look, the more confused you feel.

6. How the neighbors feel about your drone:

5. Such a big, strong cactus! Wow!

4. “Bartender, gimme a Pedigree-cocktail... a double.”

3. Hmmm... Ok!

2. What if God was one of us...

1. When you’ve only been doing the lectures online and your professor pulls a fast one during the midterm:

Which shot is the most absurd? Tell us in the comments!

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