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20 Absurd Sights That Are Shattering the Weirdometer

"Logic is a poor model of cause and effect," said Gregory Bateson. But there are so many things that no one can explain even if logic is their middle name.

Bright Side has prepared a collection that will take your amazement to maximum levels. And if you are still thinking that you've seen everything, just try to explain these things.

1. Any dentist's nightmare

2. Doesn't this stump look like a loaf of bread?

3. Innovations exist in every corner of our life.

4. Because everyone needs privacy.

5. Priorities

6. When you caught a cold, but still have to go to work.

7. If it looks like a laptop, and it acts like a laptop...

8. Let's go for a walk, he said.

9. I have no explanation for this scene, maybe you can help me.

10. When you want to eat outside and also spend lunchtime with friends:

11. Get in, I'll give you the ride of your life.

12. "When your ex tries to sneak back into your life:"

13. I'm sure it will fit perfectly.

14. The winds of change are blowing through here.

15. Umm, I think I'll skip the trip to the basement today.

16. Why not? Everyone wants to be different.

17. Exponential spare

18. When you are trying to find a safe place to hide:

19. What kind of ritual is this?

20. How many minutes did it take you to find the boy's face?

Which one surprised you the most? Have you seen even stranger situations? Share your stories in comments!

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