20 Amazing Coincidences Caught at the Perfect Moment

Sometimes coincidences are so perfect that it's hard to believe they weren't planned. Bright Side collected 20 amazing photos that demonstrate how surprising life can be.

The number of black spots corresponds to the birth order of these puppies.

This lonely butterfly just made some new friends.

This mosquito was killed by a dart.

The latest fashion trend?

When Facebook tried really hard to match you up with other people:

It was really hard to avoid.

When even the trees understand how much you love your car.

It's so hard to believe it was a coincidence.

Are we brothers or not?

"Good-bye, cracks!"

"Sure we can!"

Flying dolphin

When you feel like a king!

This smile is even more mysterious than Mona Lisa's.

When it's too cold in Batman's cave...

When your dreams come true...

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Whale!"

"Why are they following me?"

Flamingos in flamingo formation

Don't keep your mouth open for no reason.

When you accidentally dressed like a fire hydrant:

Chocolate candy vs dude's head

Preview photo credit reddit
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