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20 Annoying Things That Can Drive Us Crazy

We probably all have our own list of things that annoy and irritate us. Everything depends on our character, habits, and lifestyle. But there are some situations and things that drive everyone crazy: for example, the sun shining in your eyes through closed blinds or tiny cuts that randomly show up and itch.

Bright Side has gathered the brightest examples of things that are sure to make you really mad.

"This is the toilet paper supplied at my $350 a night hotel."

"The sun has traveled roughly 150,000,000 kilometers to reflect off a car windshield through a small crack in my blinds to shine directly in my face."

When a plug covers the outlet next to it:

Having a "screenshot saved" in a screenshot

"These tiny cuts that randomly show up and itch"

People that walk down the middle of the driveway

When you buy small plastic bags:

"My dad's screen protector on his phone..."

"Sitting on my patio trying to enjoy the weather and all I can think about is this screw."

This woman put her bare feet on the back of this man’s chair.

"My portable charger can only display two-digit numbers so when it’s fully charged it stops at 99%."

"Spotted at our university dining hall. That is a dining table."

When your hard-boiled egg peels like this:

"This is my view for miles because the left won't pass the right."

Pistachio nuts with no openings

"How my wife puts away our nesting measuring cups and how I have to fix them."

"How my girlfriend doesn't zip the resealable bag closed and puts the bag in upside down."

When this happens:

"When you tear exactly where it says to, but the bag remains sealed."

No comment...

What annoys you the most? Share your thoughts with us!

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