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20+ Bosses Who Are Worse Than a Tornado

The “dream team” is a great concept, but an evil boss that seems to be ruining everyone’s lives seems to be more of a realistic story in the workplace and these bittersweet, hilarious photos are solid proof of this!

Here at Bright Side, we love bizarre work stories, especially ones about bosses. And we love sharing the coolest ones with you even more!

1. “A pie that I brought to work went missing. I found it later in my boss’ office.”

2. “Caught my boss living in the office after his divorce making his dinner...always thought the coffee tasted odd.”

3. The boss that doesn’t let anyone take party leftovers home!

4. “Asked my boss for an iMac and saw this when I came in this morning.”

5. “My boss’ solution to help my coworker keep her files in order”

6. “My coworker is coming back from Burning Man today, so my boss left this on his desk...I love my job.”

7. If your boss blocks Facebook, make your own!

8. “Thanks, now I’ll be at work inspecting the bathroom...”

9. When your good service rewards only your boss:

10. “We asked the boss for a suggestion box.”

11. Get it together, Cody!

12. “My boss ordered a box of 6,000 pepper packets instead of a shaker, so now I get to spend my Saturday cutting open packets for our burger seasoning.”

13. When some employees get $500 Christmas bonuses and you get this Christmas gift from the boss:

14. The boss that threw away all the desks and replaced them with dressers and a sheet of glass:

15. “The property manager is cutting down the trees because it’s expensive to maintain them.”

16. “The milk situation at work is starting to get a little serious.”

17. “My boss just handed me my paycheck...”

18. “This is the drinking water filter at my work. It’s been getting darker by the day but my boss insists it’s still doing its job.”

19. “My boss wasn’t in his office for our meeting, so I left him a note...found this on my desk afterward.”

20. “My boss censored my cleavage at work yesterday.”

21. “Apparently my boss likes shopping for presents in dollar stores.”

22. “My boss just walked up to me, completely deadpan, and slapped this post-it note on me.”

23. “My girlfriend got a new job. This was a cake she got from her old boss.”

24. “My boss was tired of our wire cutters getting stolen. I’m not sure this will solve it.”

Did you recognize your boss in these pictures? Do you have a similar office story? We’d be happy to see your pics in the comment section below!

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