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20 Brilliant Homework Answers That Show Kids Have No Chill


When children are born, they are like blank canvases, ready to absorb everything this world has to offer. They aren’t aware yet of all the rules and conventions adults live their lives by. So everything that they experience is processed through their fledgling and naïve minds.

Bright Side has found proof of children’s ingenuity in the answers to their homework assignments. Some of them are out of the mouths of babes, and we’re convinced that these children are going places!

1. “Test answers are totally wrong but still genius.”

2. “Checking my kindergartener’s homework to find this answer.”

3. “Lola earned her A today.”

4. “This is my friend’s kid’s homework. I think he gave a good answer. Pennies do suck.”

5. “Youthful wisdom”

6. When you try to draw a bird, but something goes wrong:

7. “My 8-year-old sister being the smart ass that she is on her homework.”

8. “My 7-year-old was unimpressed with this word problem on his math homework.”

9. “My child’s homework”

10. “Was marking a kid’s homework and saw the progression of his studies...”

11. “My 8-year-old son takes his homework directions literally.”

12. “My first grader had to draw a photo to go with the word ‘moist’ for his vocabulary homework.”

13. “I was going through my daughter’s homework (1st grade) and came across this gem.”

14. “My sister’s English homework”

15. “My 6-year-old cousin’s homework answer after seeing a play”

16. “Let’s reflect. Simple life. Simple answer. Who needs to elaborate, right?”

17. “She’s a smart one!”

18. “This is why my kid is going places.”

19. “It’s not wrong.”

20. “Answer: hot dog.”

What about your children? Do they also have smart answers for their homework? Please share your funny stories with us in the comments!

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