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20+ Buildings That’ve Been Reconstructed and Now They Serve a Totally Different Purpose

Sometimes pieces of property end up being unnecessary for their owners (whether it be private individuals or states) for various reasons. Some try to renovate the buildings by finding them a new purpose and reconstructing them, others simply sell them. That’s how a former school might end up becoming an apartment building, while a former railway station can become a fast-food restaurant.

We at Bright Side love changes and here are 20+ cool examples of reconstructed buildings that’ve moved on and now have a totally different function.

1. “My house used to be a police station and my bathroom is an old jail cell, the original window is still in place.”

2. “Our house used to be a bank, so we use the old safe/vault as a basement.”

3. “My college used to be a shopping mall.”

4. “The apartment building I live in used to be a school.”

5. This old grain silo is now student housing.

By the way, you can see here how the building looks from inside.

6. The grocery store that used to be a hockey stadium

7. “This pharmacy in my neighborhood used to be a bank and they use its vault as their vitamin section.”

8. This money vault is now part of a library.

9. A gym that used to be a bank

10. An old railroad maintenance shop was converted into a brewery.

11. The Pine Box bar used to be a mortuary back in the day.

12. This Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shop used to be a car wash.

13. This former train station near Paris is now a McDonald’s.

14. Another McDonald’s is also located in a former railway station and this time it’s in Budapest.

15. Waterpark built in a former airship hangar, Krausnick, Germany

16. Old Glory Bar (Nashville, USA) is located in an old industrial laundromat.

17. Church turned into bookstore and café in Zwolle, The Netherlands

18. The building of The Liberty Hotel (Boston, USA) used to be a prison.

19. “The company I work for converted an old mall into an office!”

20. This supermarket in Venice used to be a theatre.

21. Detroit’s Michigan Theatre was repurposed as a parking garage.

Of course, it’s really sad that a building like Detroit’s Michigan Theatre has been turned into a parking lot. The good thing is that these buildings don’t get demolished, but instead are given a new, often very unusual, life. Which of these repurposed buildings impressed you most of all?

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