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20 Business Cards That You Wouldn’t Want to Throw Away From Your Wallet

A business card should be a reflection of your amazing inner-self, your creativity, and your uniqueness. When we look at these miniature works of art, we really want to meet their owners. Internet users shared the most unusual business cards they’ve ever seen. They’re all amazing!

Bright Side gathered 20 business cards for you that were designed by real geniuses.

When you subtly hint that you’re the first one on the Google search:

A transparent card for a glass company

A photographer’s card that simulates the function of a camera shutter

You can plant these cards and they’ll grow flowers.

“Mom was searched by the border patrol and after they gave her the sniffer dog’s card.”

“I use my own paintings as a background for my business cards.”

This dentist’s card has 11 meters of floss built-in.

This is Jeff Clarke’s card. He’s the CEO of Kodak.

A legendary hacker’s card with a set of tools

“My friend who owns a retro gaming store has a unique business card made from a chunk of wood.”

When everybody knows your signature feature instead of your name:

“A guest at my hotel is a designer for LEGO. This is his business card.”

A colorful holographic card

You can use this card as a mini-snack.

These business cards are made with 35mm slides.

“My business card has a built-in Tetris game.”

“This business card from a grip rental company is in the shape of a sandbag.”

This business card has a flash drive built-in with more info.

My tattoo artist has an amazing business “card.”

Which business card did you like the most? Share your photos of the most unusual cards you’ve seen in the comments.

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