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20+ Cases Where Life Set Traps for Us With a Malicious Laugh

Our life often gives us the most unpleasant surprises that make us want to get back to our comfortable beds, cover ourselves with a blanket, and wait for the next day to come. For example, when you just decided to tear a thread off of your pants and accidentally put a hole in them. Or when you ordered a pizza and found that the top is totally stuck to the box.

We at Bright Side know that it is impossible to just avoid these situations. This is why we need to treat them with humor and irony. And we shouldn’t forget to share these failures online.

Whoever did this is truly sadistic.

“Ended up putting pepper in my pasta... Why is the pepper white and the salt black?”

“Just arrived at my hotel in my sea-facing room...”

“Conjoined-cell bubble wrap — invented by someone who wants to suck all the joy out of our world!”

“How my pizza arrived:”

The delivery guy stacked pizzas on the side.

“My sister was very excited to get her first window seat on a plane!”

When you receive an important document in mail:

“I let my 5-year-old little sister ‘have a look’ at my Newton’s Cradle for no more than 2 minutes while I fixed her toy... turned around to see THIS.”

“I just waited an hour to get to 98%.”

“Pull one single string of your clothes and your entire day is ruined...”

“The cable guy installed the cable around our hula hoop that we left out.”

“The soles of my fairly new golf shoes completely fell off in the middle of a round. Thanks, Nike!”

“Found this after I got home from a full day at an amusement park.”

“Dropped my phone in industrial paint today...”

“Nearly blinded myself this morning looking out my peephole.”

“My friend dropped his iPhone on the treadmill this morning. It got eaten by the belt...”

When you just wanted to open your fridge:

“Found these donuts on the sidewalk.”

“Had a rough day at work and just wanted to heat up some spaghetti, man.”

“Went in for the $1.99 lunch special. Sorry sir, that says $7.99 lunch special.”

“Key broke trying to get in...”

“My wife and daughter waited an hour to get a trackside view of the big boy steam locomotive coming through town.”

Have you ever had days when absolutely nothing worked out? How did you deal with it?

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