20 Celebrities Who Totally Rock It on Instagram

There used to be a huge gap between the generation spending time on social networks with their noses buried in their phones and those who were simply terrified of smartphones. However, people of different ages are now bridging this gap, and many stars were among the first to do this.

Bright Side has collected 20 posts showing that Hollywood's old guard uses Instagram with incredible style. And at the end, there is a reminder of something very important.

20. Julianne Moore knows how to creatively edit photos.

19. And Sarah Jessica Parker knows how to hide from the paparazzi.

18. Look at your car: maybe Tom Hanks is trying to steal it.

17. Cameron Diaz brags about her homegrown tomatoes.

16. You there! Yes, you! Go get yourself a donut float.

15. When the best dad in the world wishes you a happy birthday on Instagram:

14. Sophie Marceau shows her French charm.

13. Lena Headey is the queen of bees.

12. This is just an incredibly sweet shot of Uma Thurman.

11. We are not alone: Karl Lagerfeld also posts his cat's photo on her birthday.

10. It seems like Drew Barrymore has found my personal paradise.

9. Ian McKellen – just feeding his chickens.

8. Do you recognize Wolverine?

7. This is a photo of Naomi Watts's birthday celebration – simple and without ceremony.

6. Nothing special...just Salma Hayek feeding a hippo.

5. Goldie Hawn, full and content.

4. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler making faces.

3. It's very important to eat before saving the world once again.

2. Born and raised in Australia, Hugh Jackman is expressing his fondness for snow.

1. A bonus by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Winter is coming — dress warmly!

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