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20+ Comic Con 2018 Cosplays That We Can’t Help but Gasp and Marvel At

San Diego Comic Con is a staple for the comic and TV show communities around the world — it has the most recent trailers of our favorite movies and panels packed with celebrities. And of course, a cosplay showdown!

We at Bright Side are quite the fans ourselves, so making this selection of our favorite cosplay costumes was such a joy. Which ones are your favorite?

It’s never too early to start doing cosplay.

The whole gang is here!

Greta Gremlin is something else for sure.

Gorgeous Deadpool

That wing spread, though...

Scooby Gang is ready to roll!

Tony Bark himself

That would be a dead-on crossover!

Mystic is here for service, sir!

Living Dead Dolls Pinhead

Widowmaker is stunning as ever.

What’s this? There’s something very wrong...

Matrix in action

Darth Maul, gender-reversed

Austin Powers is always relevant.

Cosplay family

Predator is a daddy now!

Tinkerbell is giving side eye...

Princesses are in on the fun.

Nothing simple about those feelings, man.

The most heartwarming couple

Are we seeing in pixels?

Cosplay in action

The Shining never fails to deliver.

Which one of these brought fantasy to life for you? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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