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20 Contractors That Should Have Been Fired Yesterday

We’re all guilty of twiddling our thumbs at work from time to time, but we usually don’t let our laziness affect our performance. In some cases, however, this lazy behavior becomes an everyday routine, leaving us wondering, “How lazy can a person get?” All we know, is that the people listed in this article deserve medals for their negligence and carelessness.

Bright Side has found several incidents that show how people can be both irresponsible and hilarious.

1. “Our door buzzer broke. We called a locksmith. My wife stayed at home to meet him. No one came. We called the locksmith again. This is the the result.”

2. Way to be discrete, delivery service.

3. Wrong space, wrong time.

4. You had one job...

5. The rest of the world can wait.

6. That’s the only kind of soap they have.

7. It’s kind of straight.

8. When the weather knows that you’re sleeping on the job.

9. Neck gymnastics.

10. Fresh paint.

12. When you just don’t care anymore.

13. When the “do not fold” sign gets ignored.

14. It looks like this hardware store doesn’t sell high-quality fasteners.

15. What a nice book layout, bookshop!

16. The ceiling is done!

18. “Oh God, what does this mean?”

19. The first prize for “Worker of the Year” goes to this guy.

Our job is to inform you.

Have you ever witnessed such sloppiness in your life? How did you react to this article — did you get irritated or laugh? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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