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20 Cooking Masters Who Think Following Recipes Is Too Boring

According to a survey, 98% of Americans prefer cooking at home over going to a restaurant. Some people are real magicians in the kitchen and can create masterpieces without even looking at a cookbook. However, it doesn’t work out that easily for everybody and careless improvisations sometimes lead to cooking disasters.

Bright Side gathered 20 examples of how creativity in the kitchen went a little too far. But one thing is for sure: these cooking disasters will definitely cheer everyone up in your house!

1. “My sister-in-law cooked for the first time... I think it’s a little bit too well-done...”

2. Sometimes muffins end up in really unexpected shapes.

3. Sometimes food tries to tell you something.

4. A perfect example of being nice to your enemy

5. “Hey, it’s me chocolate-banana-ghost. I think I failed with this little guy.”

6. When dough becomes a pair of new gloves:

7. Is this some sort of deep frying experiment?

8. The first sandwich is always troublesome.

9. Cinderella lost her form

10. Let’s burn a few calories!

11. Someone decided that the amount of flour in the recipe was not enough.

12. “Who’s talking here? Oh, that’s my food!”

13. When pizza cooking turns into a nuclear test:

14. The prototype and the result don’t always match.

15. The chef’s special at “Burning Man”

16. “I tried making blueberry muffins and failed so... so hard.”

17. This is an example of a double “cake-tastrophe.”

18. Sometimes you might have small talk with your dessert.

19. When your kitchen looks like the perfect crime scene:

20. “Things didn’t go as expected.”

Which of these cooking failures surprised you the most? Have you ever cooked something and the process went totally wrong? Share your opinion and experience in the comments below.

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